Student Evaluation

As both an instructor and a student myself, I always believe there are no students who can’t learn but there are only teachers who can’t teach. I really appreciate the opportunity to spend time with my students and all their suggestions for me to become a better teacher.

About my teaching (taken from Student Evaluation of Instructors, SEI):

  • helpful.getting point across.willing to take time to sit down.favorite T.A.take any class he teaches.genius.knows what to do.professional.learn more from him than any other professor!awesome!reply to inqueries timely.very good resource for students.appropriate outside of class time.extra efforts.clear explanation.encourage problem solving.put a lot of energy.
  • excellent!always available.prompt response.willing to go extra mile.know his stuff well.give that knowledge to T.A. in any GIS course!
  • conductive to specialty.go around.create harmony working air.respond to any when needed.
  • great T.A. and instructor.know content to communicate and teach.great help.great atmosphere.confortable to learn.favorite T.A.!everyone loved him!always helpful.give feedbacks for all work!
  • great T.A.very helpful.good assistant. clear labs.rock star!astounding knowledge of GIS!don’t change anything!goes above the beyond!deserves a medal!
  • stayed overtime.great T.A.very nice guy.learn a lot from him.eager to help.extremely clear at expectations.willing to go extra mile to help.good job with difficult students.helpful via email.
  • very helpful.hardest working T.A.!friendly.always responsible to students.never made anything T.A. ever.

Recommendation of my classes

Wei was the teaching assistant in charge of the lab sessions for the two GIS classes I took. He is extremely knowledgeable in the field of GIS and spatial analysis, excellent in bridging knowledge gaps with his strong communication skills and always enthusiastic about helping students.

–Ming Sheng, Environmental/GIS Professional at US EPA

Wei was my TA at the Ohio State University for my GIS Applications and Analysis class in 2010. Compared with other TAs that I have had, he was extremely approachable and communicated the subject matter very clearly, which as a student I very much appreciated. As far as his knowledge of the subject matter, for many of the easy to mid level concepts I didn’t have much trouble, but on more than one occasion he was able to help me with some of the more difficult concepts such as statistical analysis and techniques. More specifically, he was able to explain it to me in ways that I could understand and remember.

–Adam Pruss, Web Developer at Mapsys Inc

Wei exemplifies the best of what it means to be a teaching associate at The Ohio State University. He genuinely cared about his students and was always willing to assist them in any way.

–Taylor Beale, Research Associate at OSU

Wei was a great, patient teaching assistant through my GIS courses and showed real dedication to the students he taught.

–Zachary Galehouse, Digital Media Planner at Optimedia US

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