Below are some of past internship experience during study at OSU. I appreciate the precious learning opportunities provided to me by these companies.

Software Developer, Epic Systems, 2012

  • Led the development of a GIS component in the ICU monitor application for analyzing infection control data.
  • Customized UI development by extending existing classes in the foundation libraries.
  • Leveraged data templates, data binding and resource systems through MVVM design pattern.
  • Participated in code reviews to ensure all solutions align with pre-defined architectural specifications.
  • Teamed with other developers to make a testable, maintainable and scalable application through unit testing and DLL dependency management.
  • Resolved coding defects and root causes using NUnit testing framework.
    Documented the solution into developer and user manuals for future development.

Data Analyst, Three Scales Strategies, 2009

  • Developed algorithms to mine large amount of textual data from open domain.
  • Built spatial databases in ArcGIS to store, manipulate and visualize landuse and landcover data of the entire U.S..
  • Integrated OCR softwares to convert scanned deed documents to discrete database values.

Web Developer, Asset Strategies Group, 2008

  • Participated in the development of an enterprise system to support applications across all lines of retail business (market analysis, store selection, sales projection, and lease administration).
  • Adapted spatial interaction model and trade area model to maximize clients’ opportunities in retail business.
  • Developed a Google Maps application to visualize user defined queries and enable searching competitors.
  • Programmed front end tools for viewing nearby stores, competitors and other local facilities.
    Customized mapping functions to enable on-the-fly store highlighting and map generalization based on zoom levels.
  • Worked with project managers to incorporate security requirements into design.

Graduate Associate, The Ohio State University, 2007 – 2013

  • Managed the lab sessions for 10+ classes; lectured about 500 students; supported 10+ professors.
  • Mediated between and within groups of students; reconciled individual needs and pedagogic goals.
  • Fostered skill set development of social science students in Python and JavaScript.
  • Guided students to develop Web-based applications using agile approach.
  • Organized students to present project results to local communities.

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