Map of the U.S. min mean max

TransMapper, as part of effort in the OSUHackathon challenge, is a light web mapping application targeting "big" census data. It is developed by team GeoVis using 6 Javascript libraries in 24 hours: d3.v2.min.js , cartogram.js , natural.js , topojson.js , jquery-1.10.2.min.js and colorbrewer.js within 25 hrs. See our HackPage for more details. Also, the synopsis of census data

TransMapper aims to transform the way of mapping the census by providing a cartogram-based visualizer and a simple natural language interface for querying census data. Based on previous work (shamelessly borrowed from d3-carto by Shawn Allen), TransMapper is designed and built by Wei Chen (David) caption, Bo Zhao (Jakob) and Xu Zhe (Lucky). Long live d3.js which does most of the heavy lifting and colorbrewer which delivers blind safe colors for this mapping. Also, thanks event sponsors Hortonworks, Teradata, Google, USG for the opportunity and the great food!

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